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All Colleges that Superscore Your SAT

Previously, we’ve discussed the steps to take if you wish to cancel your SAT score, and mentioned that if the schools you’re applying to do not require all of your test scores, you might not have to panic. That’s because many schools will “superscore” your tests! In this post, we will talk about what superscoring means, what you can do about it, and which colleges superscore your tests.

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How do you write the “Why NYU” Essay (and other “why ___” essays)

While more and more schools join the Common App and Coalition App, they also want to have a better understanding of their applicants from across the world. One way to do so is using supplement essays, and among various topics, the most popular one is the “Why [School]?” essay prompt because it requires applicants to not only elaborate on their reasons for choosing the school, but also show why they are a good match for the school. In this post, we will use New York University (NYU) as a case study and look at how you may go about writing “Why [School]?” essays.

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