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All Colleges that Superscore Your SAT

Previously, we’ve discussed the steps to take if you wish to cancel your SAT score, and mentioned that if the schools you’re applying to do not require all of your test scores, you might not have to panic. That’s because many schools will “superscore” your tests! In this post, we will talk about what superscoring means, what you can do about it, and which colleges superscore your tests.

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When Should I Take the SAT

If you are between 10th-12th grade, you most certainly have been prepping—or at least heard of—the SAT. The SAT or ACT test is one of the most important and challenging parts when it comes to college admissions, and requires a lot of time and preparation ahead of time. However, it could be very hectic if you have school work, basketball games, band practices, and other extracurricular commitments throughout the school year. Planning is key, and we’d like to make this process easier by helping you schedule your tests.

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