一所UCSD大學竟然有七所學校!? Revelle, Muir, Marshall… 學校對比懶人包,秒懂各校差異!

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填寫UC大學申請表時,如果有申請UCSD,相信幾乎每位學生在 “UCSD大學排名” 的地方都驚呆了:學生可能連那九所UC大學的差異都不清楚了,UCSD本身竟然還有七所學校?! Earl Warrn、Eleanor Roosevelt、John Muir… 等七所學校是什麼?差別在哪?要怎麼排名?


UCSD 的七所院校

高中生第一次知道 UCSD 有七所學校應該是在填寫UC大學申請表,要把這七所學校做排名的時候。這七所學校分別為:

  1. Revelle College
  2. John Muir College
  3. Thurgood Marshall College
  4. Earl Warren College
  5. Eleanor Roosevelt College
  6. Sixth College
  7. Seventh College

UCSD 七所院校的差異:學業 vs. 派對

對很多學生來說,學業跟大學派對是大學最重要的兩件事,因此我們整理這七所院校在學業 vs. 大學派對的比較圖(註:因為第七所學校 Seventh College 在 2020 年秋季才會開始第一學年,所以目前 Seventh College 沒有在圖表裡):

UCSD 學生根據各院校的 “簡介”、“著名項目”、“校園位置”、“通識課程 (General Education)”、“餐廳飲食”、“宿舍情況”、“主修”、“社交/派對情況”、“合適學生”、及 “不合適學生” 分別提供第一手的資訊,想申請 UCSD 的學生要仔細閱讀並比較介紹這七所學校的差異,才能正確選校喔!

學校 1. Revelle College

UCSD 64 Degrees Dining Commons | UCSD Revelle

Revelle 的簡介

Revelle is the oldest college, founded by the first provost of UCSD, Roger Revelle. Revelle emphasizes the concept of a Renaissance man/woman and thus broadness of education. The philosophy of Revelle holds that even journalists should know something about calculus, even engineers should study literature, and even scientists should have an appreciation for theology. The guiding principle behind Revelle is to create well-rounded pupils.

Revelle 最著名的項目

  • Having the most science related majors

Revelle 在校園的位置

  • Chemistry, Physics, and biology buildings are nearby.

Revelle 的通識課程 (General Education)

  • The toughest and most GEs. There are a ton of classes to take, but most can be satisfied with AP credits.
  • Revelle has a demanding five-quarter core curriculum (“The Humanities”) in which students study a wide portion of the important works in Western civilization, including religious texts, operas, and memoirs.

Revelle 的餐廳飲食

  • 64 Degrees (Main dining hall): has a grill station for burgers, a wok station (like Panda Express, but dining hall version), a deli station (depends on day in week), a taqueria which serves tacos or quesadillas (depends on day in week), a rotating cuisine station (has a weekly schedule), and a fruit/salad bar. The food is alright in the beginning, but it gets repetitive with time.
  • Known for good burgers, wok station is notoriously bad (but I like it??)
  • 64 North: A sit-in restaurant which serves California cuisine; only open for lunch; same menu everyday; on the expensive end

Revelle 的宿舍情況

  • Very nice dorms and new apartments
  • Argo/Blake Halls (Dorms): small common room, but fairly large rooms; 6-9 students each suite, two suites share 1 restroom (~15 people max will share 3 sinks, 2 toilets, 2 showers)
  • Fleet Halls (Dorms): larger common room, fairly large rooms, though smaller than Argo/Blake; typically 15 students each (overflow housing though, typically only students from other colleges live here)
  • Keeling Apartments: houses 2nd years (some, but very little first years), new apartments, very spacious, comes with kitchen; 6 students each suite
  • Overflow students are usually housed in the Fleet buildings with people from their same college

Revelle 的主修

– Mostly STEM, predominantly biology, but some of literature and English (or related) majors

Revelle 的社交/派對情況

  • Go off campus (best location to go off campus due to proximity to major roads and bus stops)

Revelle 合適什麼樣的學生:

  • Students with a lot of AP credits because they can satisfy GE credits.

Revelle 不合適什麼樣的學生:

  • Engineering majors with little AP/IB/College credit. If you’re an engineerer stuck in Revelle with little to no college credit, it might be better to petition to switch colleges

學校 2. John Muir College (Muir)

John Muir College | DCI Furniture
John Muir College | UCSD

Muir 的簡介

Founded in the style of a liberal arts college, Muir has the least formal requirements for graduation. The intended philosophy behind Muir is that you, the student, get to choose the majority of your education. So, if you wanted to do a double major (or perhaps a triple major!), the formal requirements at Muir are by design light enough for you to do so. If instead you want to take a broad range of courses in many subjects, Muir also offers that flexibility. And, if you want to focus on extracurricular activities like student government or NCAA sports, Muir is best suited for your needs.

Muir 最著名的項目

  • The best college that everyone of all majors want to get into.

Muir 在校園的位置

  • Muir is located second closest to the center of campus and closest to the beach!

Muir 的通識課程 (General Education)

  • Easiest and least amount of GEs. One Warren student could have graduated with 5 fewer Ges if he had been in Muir
  • Main GE, Muir writing, is pretty easy. Recently they’ve been themed around social media and their roles in social changes.
  • Muir writing sequence is only 2 quarters long, the shortest of all the colleges along w/ Warren’s

Muir 的餐廳飲食

  • Best dining hall overall for lunch or dinner (subject to change in the next 2 years as people judge the new CV and new 6th dining hall opens)
  • pines chicken strips, fries and stir fry… the holy trinity of dining hall food
  • pines breakfast is amazingggg
  • Smallest market (Johns), won’t have many options in terms of grocery shopping nearby. But, there is $1 ice cream and they’re generous with portions

Muir 的宿舍情況

  • Res halls: Tioga and Tenaya Halls -pretty nice dorms with a beach view if you are very lucky
  • On the outside the dorms look like a prison but the inside is much nicer
  • Dorms for triples are larger than other colleges (you’ll most likely get a triple no matter what college, if someone tells you otherwise they’re lying)
  • The new Sixth res halls are supposed to open next year (2020-2021), but other construction may be occuring. If you’re in Tenaya, you might hear it

Muir 的主修

  • Good mix of majors

Muir 的社交/派對情況

  • Structure of dorms make finding friends easy. Easily able to go off campus(across the street) to do stuff with minimal repercussions

Muir 合適什麼樣的學生:

  • Almost everyone there was the overachiever in high school and some have calmed down and some haven’t
  • very good to anyone overall due to low amount of GEs

Muir 不合適什麼樣的學生:

  • (無)

學校 3. Thurgood Marshall

UCSD Thurgood Marshall College

Thurgood Marshall 的簡介

Marshall carries the namesake of supreme court justice Thurgood Marshall. Marshall focuses on what it is like to be an American and the meaning of justice.

Thurgood Marshall 最著名的項目

  • Social science majors since the economics building, international relations, communication, etc. are all located there.

Thurgood Marshall 在校園的位置

  • Marshall is near the center of campus, but not as close as Muir College. Buildings for economics, international relations, communication, etc. are all located there.

Thurgood Marshall 的通識課程 (General Education)

  • Average GEs (lots of humanities GE’s tho)
  • DOC writing requirement is aggressively boring (depends on the person), but workload is relatively minor
  • readers for this class are also hella expensive ;_;
  • Marshall has a writing sequence called “Dimensions of Culture” (DOC) that take three quarters to complete. The curriculum focuses on the identity of being an American, exploring racial, governmental, and political topics (social justice stuff)

Thurgood Marshall 的餐廳飲食

  • Best breakfast on campus and pretty good lunch/dinner
  • Oceanview Terrace (OVT)
  • closes at 1am unlike most other dining halls, bomb pizza
  • Goody’s: BOMB burritos, but they’re closing next yr though ;_; (its being replaced with a new dining hall w/ a similar theme)

Thurgood Marshall 的宿舍情況

  • Reshall dorm triples are criminally small -singles are fair, doubles are a bit small as well, much less spacious compared to ERC

Thurgood Marshall 的主修

  • Good mix of majors

Thurgood Marshall 的社交/派對情況

  • What are parties?

Thurgood Marshall 合適什麼樣的學生:

  • (無)

Thurgood Marshall 不合適什麼樣的學生:

  • (無)

學校 4. Earl Warren College (Warren)

UCSD Earl Warren College

Warren 的簡介

Known colloquially as “The Engineering College”, Warren is a college principally designed for engineering and science majors. As such, the requirements of the college are heavily aligned with the requirements of the science and engineering majors. Warren hosts most of the engineering challenges such as the classic “concrete canoe”. And, Warren is home to the famous “Shake Table” for earthquake testing.

Warren 最著名的項目

  • Engineering

Warren 在校園的位置

  • Far from the rest of the campus, but close to the engineering and computer science buildings as well as geisel. Everyday is leg day (but it is not as far as Sixth and ERC)

Warren 的通識課程 (General Education)

  • GEs align well with engineering/sciences (2 lower div and 4 upper div that is not science [Area Studies])
  • If non-engineering, you will basically almost have to take as much GEs as two minors. (6 lower div and 6 upper div of 2 subjects that outside of your major discipline [Programs of Concentration])
  • have to take some upper-division courses to fulfill GE’s
  • love the GEs since it’s super easy for students who want to do minor(s)
  • 2 writing courses (WCWP 10A/B). But you also have to take 2 classes for “Ethics and Society” (PHIL/POLI 27/28), which also have quite a bit of writing and reading (not as intense as WCWP)

Warren 的餐廳飲食

  • Newest dining hall (before the opening of the new Sixth college). Has a grill station for burgers, a salad/fruit bar, and a Mongolian stir fry. Minimal variety (will get tired of the food fast) (also always long lines)

Warren 的宿舍情況

  • Average dorms, kind of small, with beds in a trio all bunched to one side. Outside appearance is not bad
  • The single rooms in the residential halls/Brown and Bates are very nice

Warren 的主修

  • Most students are engineers

Warren 的社交/派對情況

  • Whats thats?
  • nope.

Warren 合適什麼樣的學生:

  • Engineering major students (The GE requirements are almost halved for engineering majors) (Muir is still easier though)

Warren 不合適什麼樣的學生:

  • Non-Engineering majors with lots of major requirement classes

學校 5. Eleanor Roosevelt College (Roosevelt)

Eleanor Roosevelt College, UC San Diego

Roosevelt 的簡介

The mission of ERC is to promote an international world view. Students of ERC are strongly encouraged to study abroad and to study foreign languages. This philosophy reflects why the international house of UCSD is located in ERC. ERC has a daunting five-quarter long core curriculum called “Making of the Modern World”. This giant series aims to gives students of ERC an understanding of the historic precedent for modern societies all over the globe. In this course, students study the movers of history from all corners of the planet: America, Asia, Europe, India, Africa, and the Middle East.

Roosevelt 最著名的項目

  • international/global focus
  • lots and lots and lots of reading and writing (5 MMW classes + other writing GEs)

Roosevelt 在校園的位置

  • This college is the furthest away from campus center
  • RIMAC (the biggest gym on campus) is located here

Roosevelt 的通識課程 (General Education)

  • GEs with lots of writing and foreign language courses (this is not true for transfer students you just take 2 GEs if you completed all of the rest before transferring. it’s a fascinating course sequence.

Roosevelt 的餐廳飲食

  • Average dining hall with minimal variety

Roosevelt 的宿舍情況

  • very spacious and nice dorms
  • the common areas are really spacious, compared to other colleges

Roosevelt 的主修

– Lots of humanities majors, international studies, political science, history

Roosevelt 的社交/派對情況

  • Lots of parties
  • “‘Lots of parties’ is fake news” -a Redditer

Roosevelt 合適什麼樣的學生:

  • people who like learning about international/global stuff or other cultures, history of the world or modern forms of thinking like the renaissance or different periods like that

Roosevelt 不合適什麼樣的學生:

  • Engineering majors. If you are an engineer at this college, good luck trying to graduate in 4-years.

學校 6. Sixth College

UCSD Sixth College Class of 2024

Sixth 的簡介

The second-youngest of the colleges to Seventh; it was founded in 2002. Sixth college is ostensibly focused on the way art and design interacts with technology. The core curriculum at Sixth college is called “Culture, Art, and Technology”. Hence, Sixth college is catered toward the more artistic and design-oriented students at UCSD.

Sixth 最著名的項目

  • The second-newest college in the seven college system. Nothing too special and nothing too bad about them.
  • known for raccoons
  • often treated like the scapegoat of the campus, but it’s really not that bad
  • WongFu(?)

Sixth 在校園的位置

  • Far away from everything. Close to construction on the bridge. HOWEVER this will no longer be the case as Sixth will move to a location close to where Muir’s at by the end of this school year
  • location might not be ideal and kinda ugly when it rains

Sixth 的通識課程 (General Education)

  • nice mix of GE topics, and AP credit gets you pretty far
  • you have to take 8 units (~2 classes) of art-making if you didn’t take AP music theory or ap studio art
  • you have to take 3 writing courses, an upper division writing/presentation course, and a practicum (like an applied knowledge class/internship)
  • can take lower division courses to fulfill all other ge requirements
  • GE’s are not that hard, can be a good balance for STEM

Sixth 的餐廳飲食

  • Good/questionable food with no variety (they make 3 things really well)
  • A sandwich place called foodworx and a decent market
  • dining hall is kinda far from the res halls, unlike other colleges where dining halls are closer

Sixth 的宿舍情況

  • Old dorms (look like cabins), but getting brand new buildings next year
  • Apartments closer to market and dining hall
  • All are ugly on the outside compared to like Warren or Revelle

Sixth 的主修

  • A good mix of students from engineers to artists. They have a diverse major group.
  • Great for the more artistic and design-oriented students at UCSD.

Sixth 的社交/派對情況

  • basically non-existent
  • nah you’re wrong 710 goes hard

Sixth 合適什麼樣的學生:

  • artistically-inclined

Sixth 不合適什麼樣的學生:

  • people who just don’t care for the humanities. They will be bored out of their minds

學校 7. Seventh College

UCSD Seventh College Class of 2024

Seventh 的簡介

2020-21 will be its first academic year. It’s going to be about solving climate change apparently, but not just climate change, but also the recent world events like the rise of fascism and populism.

Seventh 最著名的項目

  • kicking transfers out of their designated home just to enroll more $$$$students at Seventh. Expect a lot of active talk on this issue; if you love drama, 7th might be for you.

Seventh 在校園的位置

  • “The Village” (i.e. the NW corner of campus; next to ERC and will replace ERC as farthest college from campus center)

Seventh 的通識課程 (General Education)

  • GE’s all four years 😀

Seventh 的餐廳飲食

  • If in village, there’s the village market, best-looking market that takes dining dollars, and right next to it is the bistro, which is sushi and ramen, and there’s also ERC’s dining hall, also nice architecture

Seventh 的宿舍情況

  • it will be in the village, which is the newest of all of the living spaces on campus. village was already the best housing on campus so if it belongs to 7th I guess it will be good too. it’s near ERC and international house so probably similar things applicable to that college

Seventh 的主修

  • (未知)

Seventh 的社交/派對情況

  • (未知)

Seventh 合適什麼樣的學生:

  • people who want to be the first class of 7th college. people who are into trying the newest things and are willing to take a risk.
  • People who are excited to “set the tone and culture” for the new school

Seventh 不合適什麼樣的學生:

  • People who need structure and established structure/infrastructure/offices. 7th is new so if you prefer things to already be working smoothly go to an established college but expect delays or “oh we dont know how that works yet, it’s not in the system yet” or just flat out “oh oops this college doesnt have that





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