Most Prestigious Summer College Activities

13 Most Prestigious College Summer Programs for High School Students

上次我們分享了 25 堂值得參加、而且有大學學分的網課,也深度分析了為什麼 99.9% 在大學校園的暑期課是不值得參加的,這次我們來分享全美國含金量最高的 10 堂大學暑期課程及 2 個含金量非常高的暑期活動,並且在最後分析他們的共通點,學生才會知道如何分辨一個暑期課程的含金量是高還是低!

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Donate to Colleges? Legacy and Development Case

Colleges consider many different factors when they decide who to accept from thousands of potential applicants. Besides standardized tests, GPA, extracurricular activities and personal essays, one thing that is constantly overlooked is legacy. In fact, many of you have probably never heard of this term if you didn’t grow up in the U.S. or Canada. We will talk about what legacy means and how it may affect your chances of getting into colleges.

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