What Kind of Community Service Should I Do

Many high schools put a strong emphasis on community service and encourage their students to participate in campus-wide events to serve those in need. However, the purpose of community service is to understand how we, as high schoolers, can do our part and make our community better. Many students, especially in Asian countries, think they must do impressive large-scale projects–traveling to different cities and countries–so they can add these experiences to their college application and impress admissions officers. Sorry to break the news, but let me tell you why this could potentially jeopardize your chance of getting into your dream schools.

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4 Early College Planning Steps (for 9th and 10th graders)

If you’re currently an underclassman, meaning a 9th and 10th grader, it’s certainly not too early to think about college. Whether you have thought about college or not, there is nothing wrong with starting early. Essentially, everything you do now in high school is to prepare yourself for the next four years. We have a few suggestions for you and would like to get you started on college planning today.

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weighted/unweighted 加權GPA

Weighted vs. Unweighted GPA

Let me say this first: when colleges consider your high school academic performance, it is never about that one number alone. Colleges look at your transcripts, which include all the classes you take and the scores you receive. They will see if you challenge yourself with higher-level (AP, IB, honors, etc.) courses to learn more about you as a student. Nevertheless, let’s talk about GPA, short for grade point average, weighted vs. unweighted GPA, and whether or not it matters.

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