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How do you write the “Why NYU” Essay (and other “why ___” essays)

While more and more schools join the Common App and Coalition App, they also want to have a better understanding of their applicants from across the world. One way to do so is using supplement essays, and among various topics, the most popular one is the “Why [School]?” essay prompt because it requires applicants to not only elaborate on their reasons for choosing the school, but also show why they are a good match for the school. In this post, we will use New York University (NYU) as a case study and look at how you may go about writing “Why [School]?” essays.

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Schools that Use the Coalition App

If you are currently applying or plan to apply to U.S. colleges, you must have heard about the Common Application, also known as CommonApp. It is an online application for students who plan to apply to multiple schools but requires you to fill out the basic information once. CommonApp can save you a lot of time because once you fill out your basic info, you now can focus on every school’s supplements. Now, there is another online application serving the same purpose, namely the Coalition Application.

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Popular Schools Among International Applicants (and their acceptance rates)

In the past 10 years, almost every college in the U.S. has been receiving more and more applications. some have doubled, or even tripled the number since the end of last century. While many schools are adjusting their enrollment and also accepting more students, increasing popularity means the applicant pool is more competitive than ever. In 2017, UCLA became the first school to reach 100,000 applications in a single application season. We will look at the acceptance rate of some popular schools among high schoolers.

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30 Most Popular Schools That Do Not Require Application Essays (US News Top 200)

One thing that keeps high schoolers from applying to multiple schools is college essay. Besides Common App or Coalition prompts, most schools will have their individual supplements where you must answer short questions or even write long essays in response to their prompts. We’ve compiled a list of schools that are popular among recent applicants. These schools do not require additional essays and generally have a good reputation and/or are ranked high in multiple published rankings.

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