How to Cancel Your ACT Score

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Previously, we discussed the steps you can take if you’d like to cancel your SAT score, either at the test center or days after the test date. Today, we’ll look at ACT and how you can make a bad score off the record. Again, please think twice before canceling your score—once you cancel it, there is no way for you to retrieve it. Some colleges now either only require the highest test score or “superscore” all the tests (adding the highest scores in each section of different tests). More importantly, some schools don’t even ask for your ACT score. Anyway, here’s a list for you to go through:

    – I was late to the test
    – I fell asleep/felt sick during the test
    – I missed a big portion of the test (more than 10 questions)
    – I filled out my answer sheet incorrectly
    – I was distracted during the test for other reasons (e.g. power outage, construction, etc.)

If any of these occurred to you, you should definitely cancel your score. Tell the proctors at the test center so they can void your score, meaning the test will not be graded at all

I “Feel” Bad After the Test

But what if you just “feel” bad after the test? Wait. Wait for the score report. This is the most common scenario where people seriously consider cancelling their scores. The truth is, most test-takers don’t come out of a test and think they did well, so this is definitely normal. As you wait for your score report, you can even delete the score recipients first so the scores would not be sent to colleges you’re applying to. Log on to your ACT account and take those recipients off your list. Also remember, you must do this before the Thursday after the test date! Later, if the result isn’t as bad as you think, you can then add score recipients.

Off The Record

After you receive the score report, if it’s so bad that you want it off your test record, there’s a way to do that as well. You must submit a written request to ACT Institutional Services with your name, address, and state where you took the test. Mail the letter to the following address:

ACT Institutional Services
P.O. Box 168
Iowa City, IA 52243-0168

How Bad Is Too Bad

To recap my points, as long as the schools you apply to do not ask for all your tests, there is no need to cancel your ACT score immediately. Delete the recipients, wait for the score report, and decide later. Colleges are putting less emphasis standardized tests today, so do the best you can and only send your best scores if applicable. If it’s an emergency as the ones mentioned in the first list above, tell the proctors and follow the procedures.

Also in: 简中 (Simplified Chinese) 繁中 (Traditional Chinese)

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