Most Prestigious Summer College Activities

13 Most Prestigious College Summer Programs for High School Students

上次我們分享了 25 堂值得參加、而且有大學學分的網課,也深度分析了為什麼 99.9% 在大學校園的暑期課是不值得參加的,這次我們來分享全美國含金量最高的 10 堂大學暑期課程及 2 個含金量非常高的暑期活動,並且在最後分析他們的共通點,學生才會知道如何分辨一個暑期課程的含金量是高還是低!

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AP Calculus AB

All Free and Official (AP Calculus AB) Exams and Practice Tests!

The only way to prepare for AP Calculus AB is to do a lot of practice tests. You should learn the lesson from choosing or writing the wrong answers and go back to review the unit. Think deeply about that you were being careless or there is room for improvement in understanding the concepts. When you realize the problems, you are not far away from success.

To make sure student’s practice is effective, we sort out high-quality practice tests for you. Without further ado, let’s get started!

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UC Berkeley申請條件

UC Berkeley application requirement: How does Berkeley select students?

UC Berkeley is one of the schools in the University of California school system and often known as the “best” UC school. Tens of thousands of excellent students apply each year to become students at UC Berkeley, but only the selected few will get in. If you are interested in applying to UC Berkeley, you’ll need to know the requirements in the UC Berkeley application and methods Berkeley uses to select students.

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UC essays strategies 1

Tips on UC Application Essay Prompts (Part I)

The University of California has 9 campuses that offer undergraduate admissions. For those who plan to apply to any of the 9 schools, you would only need to fill out the UC Application once and check the corresponding campus boxes at the end. Recently, UC has changed its essay prompts, now asking applicants to submit four 350-word essays as opposed to its previous two (1000 words total). Let’s dive into these prompts and look at the crucial points you must touch on and elaborate before submitting your final draft.

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EA ED 差別

ED vs. EA

Waiting for college admissions results can cause tremendous anxiety for most high school seniors. Also, with today’s increasing applicant pool, it’s getting harder for colleges to determine where/who their prospects are. For these reasons, early decision (ED) and early action (EA) were born. In this post, we will examine both ED and EA, compare them to regular decision (RD), and explain to you why they might help you get into your dream school.

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